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July 3, 2010
This site was last updated May 1, 2010 (Happy Birthday, Mom! <3)

Time is ticking down .. most of the time I think it's too slowly, but seeing as how I haven't updated this website for almost two months now, I guess it's going by pretty fast. :) Lately we've chosen our Florist, make-up artist and musicians .. I think we're nearly done (although I'm sure there will be a bunch of last-minute stuff I'm forgetting). We are getting very excited since everything is coming together and we now have our official guest list .. all RSVPs have been received and now it's just making sure that everything comes together. We really appreciate all the people who will be flying in for this event ! Okay, it's time to finally update/create the other pages. :p

============================== March 2, 2010 =======================================
W00t !! Invitations are -finally- done (except for maybe one or two) and they will be sent out tomorrow. I don't know what possessed Chris and I to make our own invitations from scratch, but it was definitely a project that required a lot of time and patience (about a week). We'll be posting step by step pictures of our invitation making process with photos under the invitation tab.. Chris is officially the KING of embossing (seriously .. he can hand emboss anything now .. but I'll give his back a break for a while) and I actually had dreams about tying bow-ties. :) We loved our finished product though, and we hope you do too ! If I had a complaint about anything, it's that the texture for the invitation mat (the fuschia piece) was extremely hard to mount onto the folder, and the envelope was too slippery for labels. :( Regardless .. invitations .. check.

============================== February 20, 2010 ===================================
We've looked at a good number of photographers by now, but today we think we met OUR photographer. Most photographs we've seen of weddings look the same. There have been some here and there that really jump out at us .. but the majority of them are nothing special. We both agreed that one thing that is extremely important to us was to have great photography. I think that's why our photographer really caught my eye. There were so many that made me take a second look, and some that just made me want to cry (I AM a sap, though ..). He's absolutely phenomenal, and we hope our wedding photos will look just as beautiful. Photographer.. check !

============================== February  6, 2010 ===================================
Today was a productive day and it's Saturday. Before both heading to work, we first stopped at David's Bridal for an engagement shoot. For anyone who isn't familiar with David's Bridal, it's kind of evil. I say that because in order to look at their dresses, you need to register with them, and once you register, they give out your information to everyone. I had this one lady from Mary Kay email me four or five times, notifying me that I've "won" a free consultation for me and 18 friends .. and then if that wasn't enough, she started calling me, too. There's also some wedding venue that keeps emailing me, but I'm not sure who they are. Then there's the email flooding. But one good thing to come out of it was a "free" engagement shoot.

Going into it, we knew that it would be a marketing pitch, and I'd be the first to admit that I'm very weak when it comes to these type of things. The lady who first talked with us was very nice, but was obviously pushing us to purchase their package. Then we went out with the photographer, who took a few pictures of us, then back inside for the rest of the sales pitch. I looked through their albums and they were nice .. but I can't say there was anything special about them.

Despite that, we put a deposit on a package because we could cancel it within 14 days (which we ended up doing). After leaving David's Bridal, we headed to our first wedding planning stop.

We figured we should probably start with the venue. For a long time, it looked like we were going to go with the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, but we found a small local venue that is perfect for us. We fell in love with it the first time we went (well .. technically I went to visit with my mom and my grandmother first), and we knew it was the one. It's extremely beautiful, romantic, and intimate. Venue .. check.

P.S. I should probably note the picture that appears at the top of this page is from the engagement shoot. I couldn't stop laughing because she told me to just put my forehead to his cheek and it felt so .. awkward. I need to work on that gracefulness thing. :)

============================== February 1, 2010 ====================================
Planning a wedding is definitely something you don't think too much about until the day comes. What started out as a very simple, very small wedding has now grown into something more (and we're excited). Now that the time has come .. we are overwhelmed with all the different parts of a wedding .. catering, invitations, venue, officiant, photographer, florist, hair & make-up stylist, cake, dress, tux .. the list doesn't end ! :)

Although it seems daunting (especially since we're both so busy with work right now), it's also very fun. My mom and my grandmother are also such a great help to me .. I appreciate them so much ! We'll keep all the latest news on this page and update it as we go.

Thank you for visiting, and to our family and friends for all their well wishes, love and support !