Chris and Emily's Wedding Site
July 3, 2010
Rather than have a larger wedding where we may not know everyone, we have opted to keep our wedding small and intimate. We feel very fortunate in both having very close-knit families and good friends. Here is a closer look at the bridal/groom party:

Maid of Honor / Bridesmaids
Best Men / Groomsman
My maid of honor is my sister, Vivian ! That should really come as no surprise. No one could ever ask for a better sister. We have so many great memories, from playing King and Queen to pretending to be Shannon Miller and (I forgot the other girl), to going to New York to watch her get her masters. I still remember fondly watching her do her homework when she was younger while watching TRL (she was an addict), to going to my first concert (NSync) and watching her and her friends burst into tears, haha. Btw sis, I still have a box of your NSync stuff at my house ! My favorite moment ever ? The time I had an ex-friend who graduated from Stanford over (who my sister loathed) and she was sitting there watching TRL filling out college applications. My ex-friend asked, "Hey, what are you doing right now?" and my sister replied, "I'm filling out some applications to some Ivy League colleges. My ex-friend said, "Ooh .. Stanford?" And my sister, without so much as skipping a beat, stopped writing to stare at him and said slowly, "I said, Ivy League." HA ! She's currently working on her phD. Oh, and side note .. she makes the most incredible cards (those of you who receive them know what I'm talking about !
Growing up, Stephanie was like another sister to my sister and I. I think we saw her and her brother nearly every weekend (can I add in here again that I am -so- sorry about the whole sock thing, Chris? :() and although for a few years we lost touch, I count her as one of my closest friends now. She has an unfailing ability to understand what I am feeling even without me saying anything, and I know that she is completely trustworthy .. she is beautiful and genuine. Our conversations probably lean towards the more serious side each time we talk, but our chats are always invaluable. One thing I really admire about her is how strong she is (she'd refute that, but she is) and how she has such a good grasp on reality and can speak her mind (something I definitely suffer from). She's currently in Berkeley getting her Masters, but we do get to catch up when she comes back for breaks and whatnot. There is this great picture of Stephanie, my sister and me with all our treasure trolls lined up, but this picture is from somewhere else. :)
Do you have someone that you wish was related to you, but actually isn't ? Jessica isn't related to me or my sister by blood, but she's practically another sister to us as well. She's a bit younger than me so she's closer to my sister, but I can still remember how ecstatic her parents were when they found out they were pregnant, and ever since Jessica was born we've seen her very often. We used to get into a lot of mischief with some other kids we grew up with (I think I should add here too on the off-chance that he's reading this that I am sorry Brian !! We don't hate boys. Really. We <3 you.) and there are just so many memories with Jessica, like a cruise we all went on, a small midget-like guy named Allan who hid in our bathroom pipes, missing stuffed animals, trips to Lake Tahoe (if you ever see her and my sister in a room with the door closed .. don't open it. Just trust me.) I also don't get to see too much of her unfortunately since she's at UCLA, but luckily our paths cross when our parents get together. She's also always thinking of other people, super smart, and an incredibly talented dancer.
The last time I remember seeing Jean, she was only a few years old (I distinctly remember she was wearing a jean skirt, too) and before I met her again a year or two ago (I'm getting old, I can't remember) when she moved here from New Jersey, she looked exactly as how I remembered her .. she's so cute ! You might think that's a really strange thing to say about someone, but everything from her mannerisms to the way she talks and walks is very graceful, and she is so kind-hearted (she asks if I need anything from Costco when she goes), selfless and artistic. Although I've only gotten re-acquainted with her recently, we've had our fair share of good times, such as eating at Kabob & Curry ("Is it on the menu?" "No." "Then we don't have it." ... "Can you tell us how much longer our food will take?" "I am not the chef.") or going white water rafting (that was a thrill .. kind of bummed no one fell out though :p). She very recently got engaged as well !
My cousin Michael is the best ! Aside from having the most in common with me, he has also grown up to be a very caring, understanding and intelligent person. Ah, I can still remember when he was born and going to take his first picture on his first birthday with the family. I love that I can chat with him about video games (Chris too) and that he's old enough to understand what is going on and old enough to hang out with. My most recent favorite memory is going to watch Avatar with him and his friends (followed by him and his father) because we don't get to actually leave the house and do stuff very often (I wish we did .. especially if that meant getting crazy bread .. mMm...). He's also very good at strategic games, like chess. My favorite memory with Michael ? This one time when my grandmother, sister and I took him shopping at Valley Fair. He was trying on this one hoodie when .. well .. let's just say, the incident was memorable enough that he even brought home a souvenier with him ...
I am still missing some bios, obviously (mostly from Chris's side of the family). I will add them as I get them (probably tonight since I have the photos at home) in the appropriate places.