Chris and Emily's Wedding Site
July 3, 2010
Four years ago, Chris lived in Michigan and I was living in San Jose. The one thing we did have in common .. we played World of Warcraft. We both have been gamers since we were very young, and were both addicted to this game. In World of Warcraft (WoW), you play on servers and in 2006, Blizzard allowed its players to change servers (this was not an option before). Excited at the prospect, I transferred to the Dragonblight server.

I remember standing in Orgrimmar (a city in game) on my first day after transferring when I received a whisper (a private note) from someone named Draktyr. He said that he had seen me standing around and wanted to know if I wanted to join his guild (he was the guild master). I thought at the time, "How bad must the guild be to be randomly inviting people that they don't know?" I told him that I would think about it, and two days later joined Anarchy (his guild).

Draktyr and I honestly didn't speak that much. I played a priest named Blackbee and the rare occasions we would talk would be about me healing him, but for the most part, we had our own group of friends. WoW also has a chat system named Vent. Guild members would sometimes sit in vent waiting for other people to log on to talk to.

I had always been semi-curious about Drak. This was mainly because everyone in game seemed to like him, and he had a nice voice, so I would log into vent and sit there and wait for him to log on and chat with me. We mostly talked about menial topics .. until the day my computer wouldn't boot properly. I logged into vent from my laptop to ask Drak for help with my PC. To make a long story short, he broke my PC. (He's protesting loudly next to me because he claims he didn't break it.) Well, I guess I take part of the blame since I forgot to turn off my PC before removing the memory (Chris is asking loudly, "Who wouldn't know to turn off the computer before removing the memory .. and how did you get your CS degree?) .. anyways, that was our longest chat (him trying to help me and breaking it).

A few months later, Draktyr was thinking about moving to California and he called me to ask me if I could help him with his resume. I don't know what possessed him to drive here over the course of two days (18 hours, 5 hour nap, 17 hours) .. looking back, I think it was either the bravest thing or craziest thing he's ever done. After he arrived in California, he was staying with a mutual friend of ours and I asked him to go to lunch. We went to lunch (where the waiter tried to pick him up) and after that .. I didn't hear from him for over two weeks (he claims that during that time, he was making up for all his lost sleep so he was pretty much in a coma for those two weeks).

We didn't really hit it off until one night when we went to a salsa club with my ex-coworker Mohammad. And the rest .. as they say .. is history !